Programs of Science and Engineering of Biosystem
- Exploring of Intelligence and Genomic Information Systems -
[Systems Biology|System Medicine|Systems Genetics|Synthetic Biology]

System BioScience - Agriculture, Medicine and Engineering of BioSystems:
1). Pattern Genetics, 2). Bio-Computation, 3). Bio-Nanotech., 4). Bio-Sociology, 5). Industrial Ecology etc. 
and Biosystem Technology of "Transgenic Bioreactor" (avian oviduct, herb medicine), "Cell Signalling" 
(gene cloning, medical screen) and "Neuron Computer" (gene computation, cell automation) etc.
I. Research and Development: 
Anthropology, Biodiversity, Genomics, Transgenics, Bio-computation, Pharmaceutics etc.
II. Technology Transfer & Finance:
Genomic Biotech., Transgenic Organisms, Bio-Medical Technology, Bio-Pharmacy etc.
III. Media, Newspaper and Publication: 
Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Nanotechnology, Computation & Creative Arts.
IV. Conference and Exhibition:   
System Bioscience, Computer Science, Bioethics, Philosophy of BioScience, Bio-Industrial Economics etc.
V. Education and Training:
Biotechnology, Psycho-Engineering, System Management, Computation(ICT) & Business etc.

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Benjoe Institute of System Bio-Engineering

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