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The Mission and Structure:

The (World) Associeties for Biosystem Science and Engineering (WABSE), it's goal is for the advancement of investigating the bio-logic foundamentals and engineering applications of the genomic intelligence, artificial biosystems.
The concepts of System Biological Engioneering and System Genetics were published in 1994 (B. J. Zeng). The system bioscience or biosystem science is the science of computational, experimental and engineering manipulation of biosystems, includes genetic (biopharmacy, transgenesis) and bionic (nano-robotics, biochip computing) analysis of biosystems in genomes and organisms.
The WABSE will promote the research of the biosystem patterning from biomolecules, cellular phenotypes to organic systems, such as neural network, vascular systems and the development of bionic intelligence, transgenic organism etc. for the bio-industrialization.
The WABSE is a non-profit organization for global cooperation in transgenics and functional genomics, and is an international non-government community that transcends the boundaries of nationalities, race, religion and politics. The Unions of Transgenics - synthetic biology (IUT), systems biology (Zieglgansberger W & Tolle TR,1993) and Systems Medicine and Pharmocology (Zeng BJ 1992-1995), systems genetics (Zeng BJ 1994) and biotechnology (systems bio-engineering, Zeng BJ. 1994) etc. are included.
The BSE Network of the (World) Associetiess for Biosystem Science and Engineering (WNBSE), is a network of academic and industrial informatics for R & D institutions, which includes the aspects of nanotechnology, biocomputing, genomics and transgenics etc., will improve the academic collaboration, industrial developing, social and philosophy research of the biosystems.
The bioinformatics of the Associties of Biosystem Science and Engineering (NASE) is proposed for communication at the world wide. The WABSE is in response to hold conference & exhibition (Nature Oct.14, 1999), and publish the Structurity Bulletin (biosystem analytics) as serial volumes.
The System bioscience and engineering will be explored for system bio-medicine, bio-agriculture and bio-industrials at the aspects of 1)Systems Medicine and Pharmocology, 2)Systems Genetics and Bio-Engineering, 3)Systems and Synthetic Biology, 4)Systems Biotechnology and Neuroscience etc..
The mission of WNBSE is to promote the advancement of science and engineering of biosystem, and reservation of bio-resources for the world peace and the prosperity of humankind.

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