• The Conferences on Biosystem Science and Engineering (CBSEs)

    Systems Genetics Applied in Medicine and Engineering

    - Genomic Intelligence and Artificial Biosystem -

  • On behalf of the Networks for Biosystem Science & Engineering, the subject of the scientific program will be the molecular fundamentals of biosystem patterns behind bionics and transgenesis applications in medicine, agriculture and industrials which will includs the follow topics:

    1. Pattern Genetics, Genomic Intelligence
    2. Signaling Biology, Cell Automation;
    3. Traditional Chinese Medicine and System Theory;
    4. Transgenic Organism, Bioreactors;
    5. DNA Nanotechnology, Biomolecular computation;
    6. Bionic Engineering, Bio-robots;
    7. Genetic Computation, Artificial Life;
    8. Bioinformatics, biosystem modelling;
    9. Artificial evolution, logic of genetic self-organization.
    1. Signal transduction & neuro-endocrine, immune regulation;
    2. Oscillation & gene expression in morphogenesis;
    3. Plasticity in neurons, neural networks;
    4. Cell cycle, differentiation, proliferention & apotosis;
    5. Genomic imprinting, gene silening;
    6. Gene cloning, recombination & transgenesis;
    7. Stem cell, nuclear transfer & embryo engineering;
    8. Gene therapy, transgenic organisms for bioreactor;
    9. Proteomics, peptide libraries & protein engineering;

    The CBSEs are intended to embrance both biosystem conference and bioindustry exhibition which will be also included the follow aspects: 1). Products for biosci., biotech. laboratory; 2). Bioengineering, pharmaceutic technology; 3). Publications of molecular biology, transgenics etc.; 4). Biosoftwares, biocomputing techniques etc.; 5). Computer, media, internet and office products etc.

    Academy (CBSEs Lecturers):

    Guoqiang Bi (Univ. of California, USA), Eric Bonabeau (EuroBios, France), Erez Braun (Technion, Israel), Yann Echelard (Genzyme Transgenics Corp., USA), Robert P. Feil (The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK), Heidi Hahn (GSF, Germany), Paul Hardin (Univ. of Houston, USA), F. Rob Jackson (Tufts Univ., USA), Jin Jiang (UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA), Shioko Kimura (NIH, USA), Leonid Korochkin (Russian Acad. Sci., Russian), Lothar Hennighausen (NIH, USA), Wen-Hwa Lee (Univ. of TX, USA), Patrick Lemaire (Univ. MRS, France), Christiane Nslein-Volhard (MPI, Germany) Mitsunori Ogihara (Univ. of Rochester, USA), Mu-ming Poo (Univ. of California, USA), Animesh Ray (Univ. of Rochester, USA), Marsha R. Rosner (Univ. of Chicago, USA), Harvey Rubin (Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA), Gerald Schatten (Oregon Health Sciences Univ., USA), John M. Sedivy (Brown Univ., USA), Nadrian C. Seeman (New York Univ., USA), Guy Tear (King`s College, UK), Masaru Tomita (Keio Univ., Japan), Joe Z. Tsien (Princeton Univ., USA), Rebecca Wade (EMBL, Germany), Rolf G. Werner (boehringer-ingelheim, Germany), Tian Xu (Yale Univ. USA), Hualin Zhong (Rockefeller Univ., USA) etc. (Who`s Who).


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