Benjoe Systems Biological Engineering


Scientific Society


l         Biosystems Theory

- Lab.s of systems sciences and bio-computation etc.

l         Systems Biology

- Lab.s of systems biology, computational systems biology.

l         Synthetic Biology

- Lab.s of synthetic biology, companies of synthetic biotechnology, designing and synthesis of genes etc.

l         Systems Genetics

- Lab.s of genomics, genetics, transgenics and bio-reactors, cloning and analysis of genes.

l         Systems Medicine

- Lab.s of systems medicine and pharmacy, biosystem medicine, database of diseases and bioinformatics of genomics, herbs and organisms.

l         Systems Bioengineering

- Lab.s and companies for drug discovery, solar bio-energy, bio-computers and bioreactors.

l         Bioindustial Systems

- Lab.s of bio-industrials, micro-fluidic chips, biosystem technology of bio-instruments, software, nano-biotechnology.




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