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l         Systems Genetics Lab.

Structural, functional and evolutional genomics, systems dynamics of cytogenesis, structures and patterns of genotype - phenotype complexity, analysis and synthesis of self-organizational biosystems.

The systems biology (term appeared in the 1993's article of Zieglgansberger W.and Tolle TR.) was established on Bertalanffy's general systems theory and organismic biologydefined as biological research by the methodology of systems theory, integrative and computational model etc., and the hypercycle theory of Eigen M. explored cellular evolution at the level of molecular biosystems.

During the 1990s years, BJ. Zeng's concepts (terms included) of systems medicine, systems biological engineering, system genetics and the theory of structurity were published, and he (as the secretary-general) gave a lecture on the biosystem theory of genetics and transgenics at the international conference on transgenic animals, Nov. 1996.

l         Computation aid design: Bioinformatics, biosoftwares, genes regulatory network, biochemical reaction chains, and signal transduction pathways.

l         Omics and bio-chips: micro-arrays, micro-fluidic chips, biosystems analysis of proteins and enzymes.

l         Gene synthesis and transgenics: DNA synthesis, sequencing, stem cells, cell mutation, transgenesis and artificial structures of genes, genomes.

l         Genbrain Biosystem Network

On Jan. 1999, the genbrain biosystem network was created for biosystem science and engineering - genomic intelligence and artificial biosystems - using of methodology of biosystems theory, experimental, computational and engineering biology etc.




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