• Pattern Genetics - the structurity theory

    How does genome control cell fate determination and cell lineage mapping?

    - Signal Transduction Network and Gene Expression Pattern -

    Ben J. Zeng

    Organism developing from one cell and genome, which involves the genotype - phenotype complex, genomic program expression and signal regulatory network. The neuron circuit, immune response and cardiovascular system are complex communication systems. Cellular signalling network regulate cell cycle, specific gene expression, cell fate determination and cell lineages mapping during construction of organism.
    The phenotype development of cell lineages occur as the result of a complex spatiotemporal signal interacting patterns and regulatory gene expression at the multiple levels. The neuro-endorine, and immune system form the central constrcution of mammalian body.
    The cell lineages differentiation, proliferation and program cell death are regulated by signal transduction network which involves the commitment factors, transcription factors, intercellular signals, growth factors, differentiation factors and cell-adhesion molecules. These factors regulate the cell cycle, specifical genes expression and cell fate determination.
    The present results in transgenesis have been presumed that the foreign genes could be successfully integrated in genome and cell type specifically expressed (include dsRNA). The transgenesis can be carried out from the formation of chimeras from reimplanting embryo by embryonic stem cells (ES) or primordial germ cells (PGC) injection, and cloning by nuclear transfer of the genomic DNA from the targeting mutagenesis cells.
    Using stem cell in vitro differentiation, cDNA micro-arrays, reporter gene assay mapping of cell lineages in vivo, transgenesis included encoded dsRNA, it can characterize the patterns of gene difference expression in cell fate dertmination, and do analysis the network of signal transduction pathways.

    The Pattern Genetics - Non-linear Cell Dynamics
    --- Signal Transduction Network and Gene Regulated Expression Involved in Neuro-Endocrine Cytogenesis (B.J. Zeng, March 2002)

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