Industrialization of System Biological Engineering

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R & D of System Bio-Engineering

Platform of Synthetic Biotechnology - Artificial Design of Signal Transduction and Gene Network of Synthetic Biosystem
Institute of System Biological Engineering, P. R. China

We are establishing an international institute of system biological engineering to study systems genetics and synthetic biology for large scale cloning of novel genes, drug discovery from Chinese traditional medicine.

From 1991 to 1997, Zeng BJ. was establishing the concepts and methodology of system medicine, system bio-engineering, system genetics and transgenic avian oviduct bioreactor. The First International Conference on Transgenic Animals was organized (Zeng BJ, secretary-general) in China 1996, and the Genbrain Biosystem Network of the World Associates for Biosystem Science and Engineering was created by Zeng BJ in Germany 1999.

In 2000, the first institute of systems biology was established by L. Hood in USA, the International Conference on Systems Biology was organized by H. Kitano in Japan, and the concept of synthetic biology was published again by E. Kool in USA. The concept of synthetic biology was created for description of the DNA recombination technology by B. Hobom in Germany 1980, and now is used as a concept of systems biology - based genetic engineering.

At the early of the 21 century, systems biology and synthetic biology are developing very fast at the global wide since 2000. Synthetic biology, coupled to systems biology, will produce a third industrial revolution, said by Richard I. Kitney - Chairman of the Royal Academy of Engineering's UK Focus for BioEngineering, 2007.

At the gene technology laboratory of Institute of Microbiology of CAS, the first and large laboratory for DNA synthesis, sequencing, mRNA differential display and bioinformatics etc. in China , Zeng BJ. was working (assist. Prof.) on mtDNA deletion, molecular biology of ageing, transgenesis and construction of genes and vectors by computer aid design from 1994 to 1997.

Studying and working in Israel (Ph.D. scholarship), Germany (DFG research scientist) and UK (SPARKS research fellow and gant-holder) from 1997 to 2006, Zeng BJ was investigating of signal transduction and gene regulation network involved in cytogenesis and medical genetics by using high through biotechnology of genomics, proteomics and RNAi etc.

In 2003, Zeng BJ. put forward the biosystem theory of pattern genetics at XIX International Congress of Genetics, in the same year, J. Keasling established the first department of synthetic biology for metabolism bioreactor by transgenesis of genes network.

Therefore, we are establishing systems biotechnology of largely screening herb for drug discovery, isolation of functional novel genes and developing of transgenic bioreactor for drug manufacture and nanoscale biosensor for computation.

The plan of the applications of systems biotechnology includes four parts:

Part one: Developing of display technology of genes differential expression, design  kits and instruments, and using of these technology for isolation of novel genes in pathological tissues.

Part two: Developing of micro-arrays technology for largely screen of Chinese herb medicine, design and use these special micro-array chips for discovery of drugs by treatments of tissue cells.

Part three: Developing of transgenic herb bioreactor for high quantitative production of natural drug, and developing of avian oviduct bioreactor for large production of drug proteins.

Part four: Developing of nano-biotechnology, re-program and re-design of genes interacting network for bio-molecular computation and production of cellular computer as artificial biosystems.

Since the establishing of systems genetics and synthetic biology, transgenics is developing into the field of transgenic systems biotechnology. We are establishing the laboratory of molecular systems medicine, building of herb garden and chicken farm for experiments and manufacture of pharmacy.

(The 11th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, 05/2008)


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