Synthetic Biology and Transgenic System Biotechnology
B. J. Zeng
Benjoe Institute of System Biological Engineering, China.

The concept of synthetic biology was created for DNA recombination technology by B. Hobom in 1980, and now is used as systems biology-based genetic engineering since 2000. Engineering of organisms, which includes transgenic micro-organisms, plants and animals such as mammary gland, metabolism and oviduct bioreactors [1]. On the other way, enzyme engineering, biosensors and nano-biotechnology can be developed for bio-molecular computer. Since establishing the concepts of system bio-medicine [2], system medicine [3-5], systems biology [6], system bio-engineering [7] and system genetics [8-9], the biosystem science and engineering came be as integrative discipline of cognitive, computer, biomedical and nano-scale science. In 1999, we created the Genbrain Biosystem Network of the World Associates for Biosystem Science and Engineering for exploring of biosystem analytics, genomic intelligence and biosystem technology such as transgenic bioreactor (avian oviduct, herb medicine), cell signalling (gene cloning, medical screen) and neuron computer (gene computation, cell automation) etc. By using of system methodology, computer aid re-design and transgenesis of genes network, artificial biosystems will be produced for engineering of metabolism and re-program of cell used as drug manufacture and organic robots.
(The 13th International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition, China, Oct. 12-17/2008)

The Third Wave of Genetics - Pattern Genetics
Genetic Mechanism of Biosystem Patterns ĘC Non-linear Cell Dynamics
Applied Systems Genetics in Medicine and Bioengineering

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