Genetic Mechanism of Biosystem Patterns ĘC Non-linear Cell Dynamics
B. J. Zeng
Benjoe Institute of System Biological Engineering, China.

At the beginning of the 21 century, system bioscience is developing very fast at the global wide. Systems theory (Bertalanffy L.V.) was applied in biosystem analytics of genetic mechanism and the cencepts of systems ecology (Van Dyne GM.1966), systems physiology (Sagawa K.1973), system psychology (Titchener E.B. 1992), system biomedicine (Kamada T.1992), systems biology (Zieglgansberger W, Tolle TR.1993), system bioengineering and system genetics (Zeng BJ. 1994) were established.
The phenotype ĘC genotype complexity of organism is controlled by multi-gene groups. However, the mechanism of structurity, pattern formation from molecules, cells to organs is largely unknown. Signal transduction pathways and gene intereacting networks are involved in the nonlinear cell dynamics of cell fate determination, cytogenesis and cell lineages mapping during morphogenesis. Evo-Devo biosystems are constructed by genetic self-organization of systematic evolution of cell species, and cellular self-organization of genomic program of cell types in individual organism.
By using methods of system mathematics, computation and engineering, the pattern (system) genetics - pan-evolution of biosystems is exploring of genomic intelligence and artificial biosystem for engineering organism, nano-biomachine and bionic intelligences, and includes two aspects: 1). genes replace within genomic system structure of specie multiple adaptation; 2). genomic structural self-organization of species evolution. We developed system biotechnology, termed sequence tagged fragments display (STFD), for isolation of differential expression genes, drug discovery and modernization of TCM .
(20th International Congress of Genetics, Germany, July 12-17/2008)

The Third Wave of Genetics - Pattern Genetics
Synthetic Biology and Transgenic System Biotechnology
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