The Third Wave of Genetics - Pattern Genetics*
B. J. Zeng

The history of genetic science can be divided into three periods of it's establish: (1). Mendelian Genetics (from 1832 Mendel G. published his paper to 1932 the gene theory of Morgan TH), which is investigated in the field of gene mapping and genotype - phenotype analysis. (2). Molecular Genetics (from 1953 Watson JD, Crick FH discovered the helix structure of DNA to 1961 Jacob F., Monod J. discovered the operon model); which is investigated in the field of gene regulated expression, the central dogma theory. (3). Pattern Genetics (from 1978 Lewis EB, 1980 Nuslein-Volhard C. and Wieschaus EF discovered segments of body to 1963 -1986 years, Brenner S, Horvitz HR and Sulston JE discovered genes interacting and cell lineages mapping), which is investigated in the field of patterns of signalling network and cells lineage mapping.
Each of the above division of genetics has no end, but has establish period. What is Pattern Genetics? The research field can be defined as Signalling patterns of cells proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis, and self-organization patterns of genome, genomic program expression and cell mapping patterns in morphogenesis. Pattern Genetics includes three major parts: 1). Organization structure of genome: elements of gene - genes groups organization- specie genomic pattern; 2). Program function of genome: signal transduction network and gene expression pattern - cell cycle regulation and cell fate determination (proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis) - morphogenetic signalling pattern and cell lineages mapping; 3). Evolution pattern of genomes: DNA recombination and transgenesis - gene group duplication - genomic self-organization. Cloning and transgenic animals can be used as mammary, oviduct bioreactor (Ben J. Zeng/Tseng, 1994, 1995, 1997), which depend on the biosystem investigation of genes interacting and cells communication network in cell fate determination and organization.
(19th International Congress of Genetics, Australia, July 6-11/2003)

Genetic Mechanism of Biosystem Patterns C Non-linear Cell Dynamics
Synthetic Biology and Transgenic System Biotechnology
Applied Systems Genetics in Medicine and Bioengineering

*Note: Termed as "System Genetics" by Zeng BJ. in 1994 (Refer.s No. 6)

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