The Science and Engineering of Biosystem

Pattern (System) Genetics:

Signaling regulation of cells proliferation, differentiation and apotosis in organism patterning, and the patterns of genes organization, genomic program expression and evolutionary morphogenetics of biosystem (Pattern/Module).

1).Structure stractum-organization of genome, cDNA, RNA & protein: elements of gene->genes groups organization->specie genomic pattern;
2).Program function-cell division, differentiation & morphogenesis: signal induce gene expression->cell cycle & fate determination->signal pattern & cells mapping;
3).Evolution mutation-mutagenesis, DNA recombination & transgenesis: transposon->genetic crossover-> duplication & self-organization.

Patterns of cell metabolism biosynthesis reactions
There are essential metabloism sytems and housekeep genes expression, induced expression for adaptation and tissuse specificial expression of genes in program. There are feedback regulations between different metabolism pathways of molecules.

Regulation of gene expression and signalling
The regulation of expression depend on the elements in the sequence of gene, the promotor for transciption regulation, the untranslated region of mRNA for regulation of mRNA stability and translation, the membrane domain for protein degradation. There are signal molecules for regulation at multiple levels.

Signal transduction and mapping of cell fate
Morphogenesis of organs depends on the cell fate determination in the proferation, differentiation or apotosis through different signal transduction pathways, patterns of secretary signalling. Signal communicating among the different tissue cells.

Genomic dynamics in transgensis and evolution
The genes replication, transcription, fragmentation, mutagenesis and the biomolecules interacting are the dynamics of genomic information system. Between genes in allele or among linear locus, there are expression patterns of development and evolution.

Cognitive Science
Genetic Engineering (transgenics, biomolecular computing & nanotechnology)
Artificial Intelligence (bionic engineering, robotics & artificial life)

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Molecular Signaling & Genetic Control of Patterning

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