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  • Artificial Bionics

  • Biocomputing

  • Biosystem Theory

  • Biotechnology

  • Cognitive Science

  • Evo-Devo Genomics

  • Life Ethics

  • Systems Biology

  • Nanotechnology

  • System Genetics

  • Synthetic Biology

  • Transgenics

  • Welcome to the global informatics network for science and philosophy of biosystems, which was founded by The Networks for BioSystem Science and Engineering (WNBSE) in 1999. The concepts of systems bio-engineering (biotechnology), system genetics, systems medicine and pharmacy were established (B. J. Zeng, Structurity: Pan-Evolution Theory, May, 1994). System bioscience or biosystem science, will be explored at the aspects of genomic and psychological biosystems, such as biological, cognitive and computation systems etc. for the advancement of bio-agriculture, bio-medicine and bio-industrials.

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